Meet Motive and Monarch

Monarch and his rope

Monarch and Motive arrived at Green Spring Farm last Thursday.   My family and I have been “puppy walking” every summer for about ten years; we’ve helped raise a dozen hounds for the Blue Ridge Hunt.  I hope you enjoy watching them grow with us this summer.

Motive’s puppy eyes

“Incredibly destructive,” I muttered yesterday evening as my husband, Bill, and I were eating dinner on our screen porch, watching these two terrorists drag the cover to our outdoor grill across the patio.  Because they are hound dogs, nothing is off limits.  Their little noses find the smallest scent and their first reaction is to either chew it or dig for it.  A crumb or a caterpillar, a two-day old footprint from a passing varmint or a newly plopped horse turd sends them into olfactory ecstasy.   I’ve tried to imagine being able to smell everything a hound dog can smell…what a new world that would be.

“I never get tired of watching them,” I said to my son Duncan.  Bill is convinced I was a dog in a former life.  Whatever the reason, I look forward to the puppies every summer.  They make me smile, and what better way to spend a day?

Duncan and Motive


About Martha Wolfe

MFA, Bennington College, June 2012 in creative non-fiction and fiction biologist equestrian, fox-hunter
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3 Responses to Meet Motive and Monarch

  1. Norm Fine says:

    Beautiful, Martha. You made me laugh (olfactory ecstasy) and think (imagine smelling everything a hound dog can). Looking forward to your next installment! I’ll add to to “Links We Like” on Foxhunting Life.

  2. Martha Wolfe says:

    Thank you, Norm, and thanks for adding to your links.

  3. Sharon says:

    Wow! I love the banner pic! Perfectly cropped and presented! And, the story of the pups–so sweet. What a great way to spend the summer–with real hounds, not the two legged kind that are so annoying. Looking forward to more…

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