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MFA, Bennington College, June 2012 in creative non-fiction and fiction biologist equestrian, fox-hunter

Kinetin and Kiwi

November,  2013:  Kinetin and Kiwi It’s almost Thanksgiving.  It seemed summer didn’t arrive until that hot spell in September.  August was like May.  October felt like August.  I’m all mixed up especially since this year’s puppies came late to Green … Continue reading

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End of Story

“How long will you keep the puppies at your house?” friends ask me. “As soon as they run away,” I say, “it’s back to the kennels.”   Last Saturday I’d been to an all-day conference in Leesburg and the puppies … Continue reading

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Paint Not the Porch

Paint not the porch while “walking” hound puppies. Worry not how bad the porch looks. Look to the future, a future without hound puppies, before painting the porch. Paint not even the porch ceiling when hound puppies are on the … Continue reading

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Lord Fairfax and Willa Cather at Greenway Court

When he was sixteen years old Thomas Fairfax, Sixth Lord Fairfax of Cameron, inherited what Alexander Mackay Smith, in his definitive The American Foxhound 1747-1967, called “the most magnificent estate in the Colonies.”  Five-million acres in Virginia between the Rappahannock … Continue reading

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Boys and Girls

Standing at the fence while watching the pre-puppy show last week I asked our co-Master, Anne McIntosh, if she thought there is much difference between the girl hounds and the boy hounds.  (Ok, I’ll call them bitches and dogs, but … Continue reading

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Gardening With Hounds

It’s unfortunate that puppy time at Green Spring Farm coincides each summer with our local garden center’s 50% off sale. I look forward to Weber’s Greenhouse sale all year, planning which gardens I will renovate, where to add one or … Continue reading

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I’ve put the puppies in their stall this afternoon.  We’re expecting a heat-index of 104 degrees, dangerous weather for the very old and the very young.  Monarch and Motive  live in an extra stall in our old bank barn, which … Continue reading

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George Washington’s Hounds

Some fox-hunters talk about those who hunt to ride versus those who ride to hunt, implying that the better is the latter. I’ll admit that I love the ride.  I love the scenery, I love the smell and feel of … Continue reading

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Meet Motive and Monarch

Monarch and Motive arrived at Green Spring Farm last Thursday.   My family and I have been “puppy walking” every summer for about ten years; we’ve helped raise a dozen hounds for the Blue Ridge Hunt.  I hope you enjoy … Continue reading

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