Monarch and Motive have arrived at Green Spring Farm.  The chewing has begun;  I’ve stepped barefoot in my first pile of puppy poop; they’ve introduced themselves to our donkeys Raisin and Bridget, our horses Spanky, Smuggler, Puck and Avery and our dogs Spud, Jake and Ashie; they’ve annoyed us to distraction and they’ve taken over our lives in four short days.  Welcome to my blog about the joys of “puppy walking.”

Each summer I volunteer my family as “puppy walkers,” which means that we temporarily adopt a couple of hound pups to come live with us until they are big enough to return to the Blue Ridge Hunt kennels and their lives as working hounds.

This blog will introduce you to Monarch and Motive, my family, our farm and our other animals.  If you follow along, you’ll learn about the history of fox-hunting in Virginia and the state of this esoteric art in the twenty-first century, the education of young fox-hounds and the lives of their older peers, and I’ll pretty much guarantee that you’ll fall in love with Monarch and Motive.


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  1. Peg says:

    Love the pups. Xoxoxo

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